Best Basin Tap Brands in UK – Needless to say, we have to compromise on almost everything when it comes to spacing. Taps for basins are one such aspect where you can freely make a free choice. They take up the minimal space and you can browse to any of the type you want for yourself. Looking for best basin tap brands in UK? In this article, we have listed every detail you are looking for.

Taps are a luxury. One may not observe everything in your bathroom but surely use the taps. The market has a huge variety of taps which you will love and adore. The best part, they are ideal for everyone. If you have a little bathroom, then also you can choose a good tap. It can stylish and size will not make much difference to the outcome. Buy from best basin tap brands in UK which are durable and offer quality in all its products.

Basin Tap

What Are The Types Of Bathroom Taps Available In The Market?

Bathroom basin taps have found a huge variant. You need not stick to a tradition faucet or tap for luxury. You can enhance the experience double the time. We have listed the types of basin faucets available in the market for you. They as follows:

  • Hand Basin Faucet
  • Mini Basin Faucet
  • Wash Basin Faucet
  • Centerset Basin Faucet
  • Mini Basin Faucet
  • Mixer Basin Faucet
  • Single-Hole Faucet
  • Tall Basin Faucet
  • Widespread Faucet
  • Wall Mounted Basin Faucet
  • Vessel Basin Faucet

Taps come with many control option which you can choose. They are accessible and look cool on the taps. You can choose a physical appearance or go with the motion sensors. They attract good features for your basin.  You can make the following choices:

  1. Cross Handles
  2. Joystick Handles
  3. Lever or X-shaped Handles
  4. Touch-activated Control Faucets
  5. Knob Handles
  6. Push-button Control Faucets
  7. Touchless or Motion-activated Control Faucets

Guide To Shop For A Good Tap For Bathroom Basin

Before you shop, we present you some good handy tips. Even though faucet does not need to be compromised much with space or size, they still need consideration. When next your guest gets into your bathroom, he will at least use your tap for washing his hands. There he can see you stylish choice. Thus, we have listed some good tips for shopping basin taps.

  • While making a choice, make sure you do not go over the top. A really big or a really small faucet won’t be acceptable in any case.
  • Look for a variety of color and finish. This should match the fixtures and accessories in your bathroom for a sleek look. The options being available are bronze, brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, copper, gold etc.
  • You can go for a combination of finishes. For example if you have brass fittings, then you can go for brass & chrome finish.
  • Always choose a water resistant and corrosion free taps for durable workings.

Faucet for Basin

Top Selling Tap For Basin In The United Kingdom

Looking for best faucets? We have listed the best basin tap brands in UK for you. Here take a look at the toppers.

Global Bathrooms – Best Basin Tap Brand

 Global Bathrooms

The United Kingdom based company; Global bathroom has the best designs in the market. The products offered are creative and authentic. They are presented globally through their online portal. The brand offers good discounts on all seasons along with warranty on few items. The products are affordable and high on quality.

Ultra Finish Basin Tap

 Ultra Finish bathroom logo

United Kingdom’s favorite brand, Ultra Finish follows British manufacturing and industrial standards. It is a house for many top brands like Old London, Ultra etc. they offer a guarantee on all its product which varies from its sponsored brand to brand. They are genuine in price and good at quality.

Premier Basin Faucet Collection

Premier bathroom logo

A part of “Made in Britain” scheme, Premier is a loved brand by all British homes. The reasonable price, a wide variety of collection & finish is the essence shopping from here. They offer 5 to a lifetime guarantee on all its products.

Hudson Reed Basin Tap Faucets

Hudson Reed bathroom logo

One of the best brands for basin faucets or taps is Hudson Reed. It has a huge collection with good features to opt from. The products offer 20 to a lifetime warranty on all its articles.

Grohe Faucets For Basin

 Grohe bathroom logo

An award winning brand for bathroom taps, Grohe is a good brand to invest in. they offer a huge variety of catalogs. The overwhelming features are loved by all masses. The products are qualitative in nature which makes it a trusted brand.


Faucet or tap for basins should be selected carefully. If you want to it to be durable, then god for good features being offered in their design. The catalogs presented by these brands are huge and are amongst the award holders. Thus, feel free to invest in them.

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