Best Bathroom Ceiling Light Brands in UK – Lighting is very essential for the bathroom. You cannot deny the fact that as say light turns off, you require light to see perfectly. At least, I wouldn’t ever want to slip down b y walking blindly in dark. No one does, right! Do you think that you own a small bathroom? Even if the room is big enough but spacing is the problem? Why don’t you buy from some of the best bathroom ceiling light brands in UK? They are a nice option.

Looking stylish and elegant is a way to look but choosing for best comes with smartness. Lights are one such aspect you can surely fall for. If you look at the large variety and variants available in the market, you can possibly have the best. Lights are used every day and almost every minute. Be aware, they may use a lot of electricity. Moderations can be found in it which makes it affordable yet economical.

 Hudson Reed Bathroom Ceiling Light

Today we have listed some of the best bathroom ceiling light brands in UK for you. Now you do not need to compromise the intensity of light with electricity bill to save money. These ceiling lights are genuine yet give good lightening.

What Are The Benefits of Buying Ceiling Lights For Bathroom?

You cannot deny the fact that we need lights in our home. A dark room may become dangerous for you in case you slip and met with an accident especially bathroom. You must be wondering when you can make your things work with a bulb then why buy ceiling lights? Well, it may be a little costly but believe me, they are worth every penny. I saved a lot on my electricity bill.

Here are some of the good benefits of buying a ceiling light for your washroom:

  • The invention of LED lights saves a lot on consumption of electricity.
  • It is economic of the environment.
  • You save a lot of money on the bill.
  • They look stylish and elegant.
  • The lights are made as such to give complete justice to the illuminating washroom.
  • Affordable ranges are available in the market.
  • They are easy to install in the bathroom at any height.
  • Ideal for every type and size of the washroom.

Tips To Buy A Good Ceiling Light For Washroom

Shopping for lights is easy but for a good light may be a task. Various light bulbs and options are available in the market. The bathroom is one such room which is damp and humid all the year round. Selecting a bad light means electrical shock and fuse.  Bathroom ceiling lights have the benefit of being protective towards such hazards & failures.

Here is a guideline to buy a good ceiling light for your washroom:

  1. Always go for economically beneficial lights.
  2. It should not consume too much of electricity or watts.
  3. A wise choice is by buying LED lights rather bulbs.
  4. Look at the area of the room as lights differ from effectiveness. You would not want to end up with too much of brightness or dullness.
  5. Place the ceiling light away from shower room or where water can easily get in contact.
  6. Fix the light in a place where you can get the right amount of illumination.

Types Of Ceiling Lights Available In The Market

Here are the kinds of ceiling lights for washroom available in the market for choice:

  • Basic Bathroom Ceiling Lights
  • Recessed or Down Lighting
  • Spotlight

Hudson Reed Bathroom Ceiling Light

Top Selling Ceiling Lights Brands For Bathroom In The United Kingdom

Looking for best bathroom ceiling light brands in UK? A brand assures you good quality and durability which is an important aspect of lights. We have listed the following for you. They are affordable and qualitative which you will love buying from.

Hudson Reed – Best Ceiling Lights Brand For Bathroom

 hudson reed bathroom logo

The best brand for ceiling lights for washroom is by Hudson Reed. They have been widely appreciated for its good quality lights. All come with a guaranteed life of 5 to 20 to a lifetime offer. The ranges are affordable and good in quality. The features are overwhelming here.

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HiB Collection Of Bathroom Ceiling Lights

 HiB bathroom logo

HiB is an award winning bathroom brand in the United Kingdom. They have a wide range of ceiling lights. Quality is the essence of buying from here. You can buy from classic to modern day designs. All are available at the affordable range and great finishing.

Philips Quality Range Of Ceiling Lights Brands For Washroom

Philips LOgo

A globally known name when it comes to lighting, Philips is known for its good technology. The company is more than 120 yrs old and known for its economic and great features of lights. Lights are made up of aluminium and help you save up to 80% of energy. It provides a long life of 12,000 hours. Diffused warm light and colour filter technology etc is used.

Marquis Ceiling Lights Brands For Bathroom by Waterford

 Marquis By Waterford

Marquis is a wide yet quality range of lighting by Waterford. The lights made under strict European regulations. They are ideal for the damp environment. UL and CE certification is provided for all its articles.


Installing a ceiling light is a good choice for your washroom. The moisture in the air of the bathroom does not affect the working of the light. Many cases have appeared where the bulb bursts or causes a fire due to short circuit. A ceiling light for washroom is specially designed as a technology to prevent such accident. On the other hand, they will make you washroom look classy.

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