Best Bathroom Vanity Brands in UK – Looking for a smart quality cabinet? Searching for brands which h can play your style icon? Want to look for best bathroom vanity brands in UK? We have assembled some of the best-known names for you to enlist and choose from. Vanities are a delicacy for the restroom. Want to give a complete makeover to your rest room? Choose from a variety of designs which are a style statement by the designers itself. Worried about the color or material! They have all available for you.

Bathroom Vanity Unit Brands in UK

Choose from a large range of vanities which are custom made for your bathroom matching your décor and statement! Select a built-in or freestanding cabinet with sink. The counter tops are a delicacy with an array of materials like glass, solid surface, stone and much more. They are easy to keep and are easy on maintenance. Do you have small square feet? Worried if vanity can be your choice? No worries, these best bathroom vanity brands in UK have it all in their catalogs for you.

Tips To Choose Vanities for your Washroom

Considering a design of a known name is good but knowing the right is the idea. We present you some healthy tips on how to choose a vanity for your bathroom to make selection easier.

  • Check the room space which is available for the vanity purpose.
  • It is important, that it does not contain any sharp edges or corners.
  • Which style you want to go i.e. Freestyle which is best for small spaces and Built-In for the larger spaces giving more counter spaces.
  • Look for fillers and plumbing to make it easier.
  • Selection of material and their availability is crucial.
  • Explore variety in the range they brands are providing.

Best Bathroom Vanity Brands in UK

Top Bathroom Vanity Brands in the United Kingdom

Take a sneak peeks into the world of quality vanities for your rest room! We enlist you some of the best bathroom brands in the UK which have been loved by millions all over the world. They are widely appreciated for their sense of work and functionality.  Let us have a look and know more about them:

  1. Hudson Reed

One of the top brands when it comes to selecting quality vanities for your rest room! Hudson Reed is a known name in the world of bathroom delicacies. Being certified with ISO 9001, you can trust its service. They over the years have become a household name and are known globally especially in the United Kingdom.

Know more about Hudson Reed:

  • They are a huge range of innovative designs.
  • Effective and affordable at the same time.
  • Good British brand which is a part of “Made in Britain” scheme.
  • A 20-year guarantee on all it’s products.
  • Designs offer functionality as well as style.


  1. Premier Bathroom Collections

Our second best choice for bathroom vanities is Premier! This brand is a favorite of British crowd making it a popular name in the United Kingdom. Being a part of “Made in Britain” they offer great collections which are a pleasure to choose from.

Know more about Premier:

  • They are backed up by guarantee of 5 years
  • They have innovative designs which offer great functionality and eco-friendly manufacturing.
  • The latest technology involved in manufacturing making it superior in quality and durability.
  • Affordable range.


  1. Villeroy & Boch

One of the oldest company to be alive when it comes to bathroom brands, Villeroy and Boch dates back 1748 and has been serving since two centuries and many generations. Their story is a success story for many. The quality and the style they carry are more royal like and classic touched.

Know more about Villeroy and Boch:

  • Wide styles and designs from classic, traditional to latest and trending.
  • They offer good innovation and functionality.
  • Award holder of many prestigious awards.
  • Contributing in 125 countries globally.
  • Products are of good quality and have conventional ideas.


  1. Roper Rhodes

A known brand, Roper Rhodes is one of the top bathroom brands with 30 years of vast experience. It is a common name in many award shows and has been an award holder for many also. They have a huge range which is great of quality and offer more than just authenticity.

Know more about Roper Rhodes:

  • Wide range of contemporary to classic range.
  • They have innovativeness when it comes to manufacturing and utilization of raw materials.
  • Affordable range.


  1. Houzz

Want a brand which is just like your home? Houzz is the one you can trust and have a huge range to enjoy. The company formerly started from home itself but then grew to be a choice of more than 40 million households.

Know more about Houzz:

  • Best known brands for household designing.
  • They offer great option and expert advice of remodeling your personal space.
  • They are cost effective ranging from costly to affordable.
  • Your choice is the priority here.




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