Best Free Standing Vanity Units Brands in UK – Do face issue with plumbing? Want to add portable space within your bathroom? Why not, go for freestanding vanity unit? If you have a small to medium size bathroom space or even large space, vanity units are best. You can actually utilize the space in a creative way. We have listed some best free standing vanity unit brands in UK.

Have you ever hate those long hours plumbing work? Ahem! We all did that. Ok! We love renovating our bathroom but who will take up that cost? What if you did not like? Stop compromising with space. You can actually adopt a traditional yet very effective way. A portable cabinet like vanity.

free standing vanity units

Shift a little here, shift a little there, freestanding vanities are a luxury. Yeah! They are affordable. Thanks to that huge cost that plumbing and renovation would have taken. Revamp your bathroom by shopping with best free standing vanity unit brands in UK.

Know About | Free Standing Vanity Unit & Their Benefits

Vanity Units are the cabinets. They can be utilized for bathroom, kitchen and many other purposes. Vanity units are of many types like built-in, wall hung, free standing and much more. A freestanding vanity unit is a savior for those who face a lot of issues of spacing. Get in touch with the advantages of buying freestanding vanity units over other types of vanity:

  • They save a lot of costs. This includes the cost of plumbing or renovation.
  • Freestanding vanity makes an adjustable choice as they are portable.
  • It successfully meets the demand of meeting storage purposes.
  • They are affordable in comparison to all types.
  • You can port it from one place to another.
  • Some units also come with the sink. They make a perfect choice for home décor.
  • Wider and better ranges are available in freestanding vanity units.
  • Ideal for every bathroom whether small or big.
  • It provides huge space for keeping things which your bathroom found it difficult to accommodate.

Tips To Select Free Standing Vanity Unit for You

Shopping for a home or even for office should be done with a purpose. Going by a brand is a good thing if you want a long term product. We have listed some good tips to choose freestanding vanity units for your every need:

  1. Vanities are available in every size. Thus, always make the size of the bathroom the priority. You would never want your vanity to be big for bathroom or too small for the bathroom.
  2. Avoid buying articles with sharp or pointing edges or corners.
  3. Match your vanity with the style of your vanity for a better look.
  4. Some brands offer sink also. So, opt which sink you want as per your choice.
  5. The more the features, it is better to go with that brand. In the end, never compromise with quality.
  6. Material & finishing is also an important criterion for selection.
  7. Prepare your budget according to it.

 Best Free Standing Vanity Units Brands in UK

Top Free Standing Vanity Unit Brands in the United Kingdom

We all love to adore good branding! Never compromise with products which have to be used for long duration. Vanity units are one such category. They are cabinets which help you solve your entire spacing problem. Below are the best free standing vanity unit brands in UK. Take a look at the list:

Premier – Best Freestanding Vanity Brand

Premier bathroom logo

A part of Made in Britain, Premier has the best collection of freestanding vanity unit brands in the United Kingdom. They offer 5 years of warranty. Certified by ISO 9001, the products are qualitative and affordable.

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Hudson Reed – Freestanding Vanity Unit Brand

Hudson Reed

Our second best choice for freestanding vanity unit brands goes to Hudson Reed. It is a popular brand of United Kingdom. All the products come with 20 years guarantee. Shopping from this brand means affordable quality and good features to choose from.

Roper Rhodes Frestanding Vanities

Image result for Roper Rhodes bathroom logo

More than 30 years old, Roper Rhodes is an award-winning brand. They are known for their wide collection and quality finishing. They offer large contemporary to the classic range. You will surely love their freestanding vanity cabinets.

HiB – Quality Freestanding Vanity Units

 HiB bathroom logo

A major supplier of bathroom articles in the United Kingdom and overseas, HiB is a known brand. The high-quality finishing is the essence buying from here. They offer good choice when it comes to finish and material.

Villeroy & Boch Freesatnding Vanity Units

Villeroy & Boch

Almost two century old, Villeroy & Boch is a popular brand in the United Kingdom and on the global platform. Shopping for freestanding vanity units come with classic, traditional to latest and trending choices. They offer good conventional ideas.


Choosing a freestanding vanity unit can be your best decision. If you face space issues or are the one who frequently shifts house, then this can be perfect for you. A good quality cabinet can save all you belongings. If can be used in the room, bathroom, kitchen etc. it can be placed anywhere and look as dashing with solving your storage issues.

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