Best LED Strip Light Brands in UK – Do want to install LED strip Lights in your room? Looking for the best brands? Want quality LED strip lights? Being flexible enough is the best part of installing a LED strip light into the bathroom and even your room. Why pay more for that bulb when you have a better option. Choose LED which is a great way to gift nature and your budget. In this article, we will tell you about best LED strip light brands in UK.

Bulbs used to be the fashion when it came to housing. They ate a lot of money through your electricity bill for sure. The lights are an important aspect of one’s life and housing. Ditch the bulbs and embrace a better way to illuminate the room. Go for LED lights! The market has made options so affordable and wide that you can choose from a variety of them. Know some of the best LED strip light brands in UK.

 Best LED Strip Light Brands For Bathroom

LED lights are a cool way of being economic in all conditions. They are light on the budget and save electricity multiple times than bulb. By receiving good light, you actually save well.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing LED Lights?

LED is an abbreviation used for Light Emitting Diode. It is known to be the future of modern lighting. A digital light, LED light is a major hit when compared to its huge luring benefits. From being clean and energy efficient to saving your money it has all in its benefits:

  • The LED lights are durable. Thanks to its long life operation. You actually use a single bulb for as long as 20 years as per a research.
  • It saves up to 80% to 90% of energy. This means 80% of electric energy is used & rest is lost as heat. This is opposite in the case of other traditional lights.
  • They are eco-friendly. You can recycle them again as they contain no toxic.
  • The LED lights easily withstand all the factors like shock, fluctuations, and vibration etc. thus, it is durable.
  • They produce little-infrared light and close to no UV emissions.
  • Ideal for all temperature whether too hot or too cold.
  • The design is flexible to any environment use like museum, airplanes etc.
  • The best part, fluctuation does not make any effect. If you are running on low voltage, the LED light will work well.

Guide To Buy LED Strip Light For Yourself

While going for shopping, you will come across great varieties. Knowing the best is the trick. They come in all sizes from being affordable to costly. Always remember lights are an investment. Better the quality, more it is to stay longer. Take a quick look at the tips to guy a good LED strip light for you:

  1. Choose the type according to your need. You will come across loads of options of strips. These include Flexible LED strip lights, LED rope which are coated strips. They are ideal for bathroom use or places where water is easy to catch. Others include Self-adhesive LED strips, aluminum panel LED light strip and LED light bars.
  2. Check the IP rating, or “Ingress Protection” rating. It will have two digits. The first digit ranges from 0 through 6 (6 protected the most from dust). The second digit ranges from 0 through 8 (8 means it the most waterproof).
  3. Look at the length as well the number of LEDs. The more the LEDs, better will be the lighting.
  4. Check the lumens the lights are producing for better lighting.
  5. Opt for color adjustable temperatures.
  6. Do not forget to calculate the wattage as it will help you save more on bills.

 LED Strip Light Brands

Top Selling Brands of LED Strip Brands In The United Kingdom

Looking for best brands? Well, we have listed some of the known and best LED strip light brands in UK. They have a good collection and surely guarantee good and durable results. Here, Check It Out!

Hudson Reed – Best LED Strip Light Brand

Hudson Reed

The brand, Hudson Reed is the United Kingdom based bathroom brand. It has a good collection of LED strip lights with loads of offers to make. All the strips come with a guarantee of 5 years with a lifetime warranty. They all are available in the affordable range.

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HiB LED Strip Lights

 HiB bathroom logo

HiB holds many bathroom awards for its creativity and quality. You can invest in their LED strip lights. Enjoy a wide range and be sure about the quality that you will get.

Kichler Range Of LED Strip Lights

 Kichler logo

The company took its flight back in 1938; Kichler has a good range of lighting when it comes to LED strip lights. The lights are full of luring features. They are designed looking at the various demand from tradition to modern.

Feiss Collection of LED Strip Lights

 Feiss logo

Feiss started in 1955 offering quality lamps. Now they have huge range when it comes to lighting. The LED strip light are appreciated widely all over the world. They offer good design and durability.

Sea Gull Lighting Presents LED Strip Lights

 Sea Gull Lighting logo

Started off in 1919as a small lighting store, Sea Gull rose to fame with its good range of quality lighting. Great designs and good durability is the specialty here. Surely, they offer the widest range of LED strip light.


Lights are an important aspect. LED lights make a great deal in saving every of you budget. You need electricity for sure and you have to pay that bill. Buying LED strip lights make an effortless deal to give you a stylish yet economic look. They are cool and make a wise choice also. I hope the article was of use for you. Please leave you precious feedback. Thanks! 

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