Best Rechargeable Light Brands in UK – Lights are an important aspect. When the sun sets it is that one thing which enlightens your house. The darkest area being the bathroom needs good lighting. Adopting good habits saves on a lot of energy. The wise man will invest on better returns. Why not invest in rechargeable lights? Well! They save a lot of money and energy. In this post, we have listed the best rechargeable light brands in UK for you.

Do you live in a place where frequent cuts on electricity are common? Looking for a good way to conserve electricity? You can actually save a lot of energy and not merely rely on inverters or plugs. They can be simply recharged through batteries. Just like your mobile phone can be used over and over again, rechargeable can be utilised for end numbers.

 Bathroom rechargeable lights

Are you looking for best rechargeable light brands in UK? Buying from a brand assures you great returns. Light being an important aspect, one needs to select well.

What Are Rechargeable Lights?

As the definition speaks, they are basically a type of lights. This includes batteries which can be charged for use again & again. In short of energy or power, the batteries can be charged by a source. Just like we do it with mobiles phones and laptops! It takes some time to charge and then you can use it for end number of hours to even days. This depends on quality to durability.

Why Choose Rechargeable Lights Over Other Lights? What Are Its Benefits?

Imagine that there is no electricity in the house or you are out in the dark. Whoa! It can be creepy and scary with no lights to show direction. Then you remember that you have your own rechargeable light! This seems to a movie or ad scene. Well! It one such phase you must have encountered when the candles are difficult to light. On the other hand, candles give a little light.

Why opting for rechargeable light a good choice for you? We have listed the advantages for you:

  • You actually save money. They can be used over again and again.
  • Save on energy by 23 times by using rechargeable lights rather than non-rechargeable lights.
  • They are durable in nature and can last to months to even years.
  • By using LED lights, you save a lot on the electricity bill.
  • They look elegant and make a wise choice.
  • Many luring designs are available in the market.
  • They are easy to install and use.

 Bathroom rechargeable lights

Guide To Buy A Good Rechargeable Batteries For Your Lights

Buying a good battery helps your lights last longer. They can be bought from the nearest retailer shop or online shop. The best thing about them is they are convenient. We have listed the tips to buy a good one for you:

  1. Choose from AA, AAA, C and D whichever fits your light perfectly,
  2. They may be bit expensive but make a great investment.
  3. Choose lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries as they have long shelf life.
  4. Go for higher milliamp hour rating (mAh) as it means the durability of their life.
  5. Buying a good quality battery charger is a good option if your lights do not provide the plugs.
  6. Always buy a protected battery for better safety.

Tips For Rechargeable Light Buyers

A rechargeable light is high on cost but with time it will be paid off. Here is a guide to buying a good rechargeable light for you.

  • Never buy cheap rechargeable lights and batteries as they do not have long shelf life.
  • Plan your budget according to quality material.
  • If you plan to buy online from sites like Amazon, eBay etc, Be aware! Cheap does not mean it will be quality.
  • Go for extra features and guaranteed material.
  • Choose the lights according to your bathroom. Lighting requirement differs from one bathroom to another.

Top Selling Brands Of Rechargeable Lights In The United Kingdom 

Here is a list of best rechargeable light brands in UK. They are as follows:

Hudson Reed– Best Brand of Rechargeable Lights in UK

or hudson reed bathroom logo

The best brand of rechargeable lights in the United Kingdom goes to Hudson Reed. It has a wide range of lights along with LED lights. The features are luring and give a long lasting life.

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Philips Range Of Rechargeable Lights

 Philips logo

The brand Philips is more than 120 years old.  They offer great technology which is good for economic and environment-friendly use. The LED ranges are a good chose for everyone. You can save up to 80% with a good life of 12, 000 hours.

Wipro Rechargeable Lights

Wipro Lights Logo

The lights of the rechargeable range are fascinating under Wipro. The company makes designs and technology a common feature for all its products. You will surely love buying from its huge variety.

Dorcy Collection Of Rechargeable Lights


The brand, Dorcy has a wide experience of 55 yrs in making quality lights. You can rely on their good features and quality work. They products are one of the grosser when it comes to rechargeable lights.


Rechargeable lights are a good way of conserving energy and for environmental sustainability. When you buy these lights, you actually save on trash on chemicals by multiple folds. Hey! You get to save on your electricity bill too. I hope the article was of use for you.

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