Best Sanitary Ware Brands in UK– Looking for a brand which offers good features for sanitary wares? Searching for an ideal way to get the best sanitary ware articles? Home is a place like nowhere and your bathrooms are the one which needs to get that look too. How can you make it timeless with the hint of hygiene? Technologies are evolving around to make the technologies better and innovative. The revolution in sanitary ware articles is one such aspect. Know the best sanitary ware brands in UK for a better shopping spree!

Best Sanitary Ware in UK

The variety that has been created and the features that have been included give us more reason to invest nowadays. Now a good sanitary ware will have safe, hygiene and strength with durability. They include toilets, basins, urinals, sinks, bath tubs, pedestals etc. Today’s range of brands has more and better designer options which look classy yet modern which reflect good style. Thus, we bring you some of the best sanitary ware brands in UK which are known for their good quality and array of designs. Spending on them is next to investment for years.

Top Selling Sanitary Ware Brands In The United Kingdom

Look for the designs before finalizing the spending. Sit back & relax as we showcase you some of best sanitary ware brands in UK, which are worth to spend on. These brands have an enormous range of articles which are perfect to choose from. Offering quality and stability in their service, you can trust them while you buy good sanitary ware articles for your bathroom.


A known brand of United Kingdom, Premier bathroom Collection is at the top when it comes to best sanitary ware brands in UK. They have good features, functionality in design with a modern look to adore.  They cover a good range of toilets, kitchen sinks and basins to lure. They are a part of ‘Made In Britain’ scheme.

Read more about Premier as a go Premier bathroomod brand:

  • They offer 5 years guarantee and some articles are backed up by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Huge range of articles of sanitary wares available.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great functionality.
  • Best in quality.


Hudson Reed

An ISO 9001 standardised brand which takes an ethical approach by way of keeping up with the standard, quality and durability. No doubt is one of the best sanitary ware brands in the UK. They are rich features and are one of the most loved bathroom brands globally offering safe and hygienic articles.

 Hudson Reed Read more about Hudson Reed as a good sanitary ware brand:

  • Offer an array of articles.
  • Each product is backed up by 5 years of guarantee.
  • Competitive price for sanitary ware articles.
  • They offer good features which make it environment-friendly.
  • High of quality and durability.


RAK Ceramics

One of the largest manufacturers of sanitary ware in the world and an award holder for best sanitary ware, RAK ceramics offers a wide yet qualitative range of articles from toilets top basins. They are one of the anticipated bathroom brands in the United Kingdom.RAK Ceramics

Read more about RAK Ceramics as a good brand:

  • They offer functionality in every design whether it is traditional design or contemporary or modern design.
  • Great reviews and growing status.
  • Offer great variety and high-quality standard.
  • They are available at a genuine price in the market.


Initially, it started in 1942 around the world war; VitrA was a small company, who picked up great heights in their coming years. They became a known name already but they hit the success road when they opened their own line of Ceramic sanitary ware which made history. They are one of the best sanitary ware brands in the UK. VitrA

Read more about VitrA as a good brand for bathroom:

  • They offer great features when saving water. thus, they save a good amount of water.
  • They offer good aesthetic design clubbed with tradition to edgy modernised look.
  • They offer articles at great quality.
  • They have attractive varieties.


A leading name in bathroom brands, Vado is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer which has always stood on the expectations of customs globally. You can check out its reviews which are overwhelming about this brand. Vado bathroom

Read more about Vado as a good brand:

  • Strict quality measures are followed for better service.
  • Traditional to contemporary designs are available.
  • Customer centric needs are taken proper care.
  • All industrial standards and certifications are diligently followed.


Now introducing one of the oldest yet best sanitary ware brands in UK, Roca which is ISO 9001 & 14001 for environment management system, certified. It is now a multinational brand which is having its outlet in almost every country which is 135 in number.Roca bathroom

Read more about Roca as a good brand of sanitary ware for bathroom:

  • They are functional yet very effective on the environment.
  • Innovative designs.
  • Winner if many awards like 2013 Iconic Awards, New London Awards, National Marketing awards etc
  • Good stress on environment sustainability.


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