Best Shower Curtains in UK – One of the best places to absorb all the stress and tensions of life! You all guessed it right! It is your favourite shower place. Now you love the tinkling of those tiny drops! Why not care for the accessories to match. One of the most exciting accessories to enhance the area is by having the long robes get hanged by through the rails. Have the best designer curtains hung in your shower place! Make the place more adorable by knowing designer brands which has collections of best shower curtains in UK for your personal choice.

When you become so choosy about the colour of the room, the tiles to match to even the lightening to go with, then why not the robes? Choose from thousands of designs to match your smoothness and styles with brands that offer best shower curtains in UK. They offer a variety of choices from over thousands of simple to traditional to classic to even the designer curtains being self-custom made for you. The cost is genuine and a branded stuff cannot be questioned on its quality it offers.

No matter what square feet you own, a shower place is incomplete without the beautiful veil! Match it with the classic transparent or club it up with floral or a mosaic design, all are in your favour when you get to pick from best shower curtains in UK for you.

 Shower Curtains in UK

Top Selling Shower Curtain Brands in the United Kingdom

We have enlisted some of the best brands that you can trust upon! They are well known for their great design and have been widely loved. Whether you live in any place around the world, you will actually love the sophistication and variety of great functioning being provided by them. They have some of the best collections of the year 2016 & you can actually feel it when you install one in your shower place. have a quick look at them.


The company initially stated as New Croydex Rubber Company which dates back to the year 1919. Hey, are widely known for their intellectual and creativeness they have contributed to the world of housewares and bath wares. Some of the best-known designs which are still alive and are evolving with better grip are sham-mix shampoo, Stick N Lock and Twist N Lock etc. It is a company which is legally registered in London and has been a proud name since then.

The wide varieties of fashionable curtains are one of the hit designs of the year, 2016. Just like Croydex World Map PVC Curtains are a favourite of many. There are many to add to the list which has been loved by many. They offer the curtains in textile and vinyl and much more. They have good options for you with quality material. They also offer hooked and hookless robes for your shower place.

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters

Initially not a bathroom brand but multinational clothing brand, Urban Outfitters have some of the eye catchy designs which you would love to have in your bathroom. Its main specialisation is in clothing for men, women and even the housewares. The designs are much inspired from the Vintage, Bohemian, Hipster and much more. They offer a good variety which has the creativity of advantage of having creative robes by those shower places.

The designs are light and sophisticated. If you are someone who likes minimal designs or even too bold, then this brand can help you make the right choice. They aim at all tastes and styles which will be best suited for your bathroom whether small or big. The price of the curtain are genuine to costly but are affordable if you want a stylish design 7kick that plain white style.

Wayfair Wayfair

Wayfair is a way to fair for an elegant bathroom. If you ever came across it, you will be surprised by the multifunctional and way wider designs are being offered. You get to choose the colour you want to even the style and material you want. If you have a limited budget, no worries, it has set all the rates budgeted for you economically. The designs being offered have greater pattern options like wildlife,  striped, floral, abstract, solid and much more.

If you are very certain about the material part, then no fears! This brand offers a good variety of material to choose from like cotton, linen, polyester, vinyl and much more. Now the material is fine but then you want a certain type like the heavy hem, no hooks or hooks, with or without the liner and much more. Wayfair offers you all at a genuine price tag and the best part it has exciting offers all the year around.


Started in 1994, it has 22 years and this brand is giving a tough competition to other brands. Sabichi has some of the best collections of this years and is loved by all. They offer great options when it comes to their curtains. Choose from many designs which are subtle, light and elegant. They offer variety in colours and materials. The best thing, they offer you a choice of sizes which are missed by many brands. They price of curtains are very affordable and you will love to have them.

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