Best Traditional Heated Towel Rails in UK – House is a place like nowhere! The bathroom is the place for relaxation. When we take care of every simple aspect of the bathroom, the why not your towels? Ok! This may seem weird to many but it is one of the important aspects which tends to forget. The towel is one thing which is constantly in your bath place. Whenever you use that place, the end thing is the fluffy cloth itself. Give a nice old look with best traditional heated towel rails in UK for you.

Choose from freestanding to wall mounted, rails are sure to make good space in your life! They have the benefit of making those cold things, warm and cosy for you. The towel being used so many times a day, it gets caught in a humid and cold touch. Imagine after you take a bath, you take out the towel and when you touch, what do you feel! It is still cold and wet. It may give chills. A heated rail is most popular these days and offers a good variety of needs to your every demand. Get in touch with best traditional heated towel rails in UK.

Traditional Heated Towel Rails in UK

Top Tips for Heated Towel Rails

Going classy is always evergreen. Nowadays designs are in abundance which is loved by all. Before you install a heated towel rail, we give you a sneak peek into the world of heated towel rails tips for better understanding. They are in much demand but having a smart design is best.

  • Choose From The Type

Heated towel rails are available in three types in the market. They have their own advantages and effects which can be chosen by you depending on your need and budget.

  1. Plumbed In Rails: It takes into account the Central heating system of the house. They are cheap and needs to be manually operated to avail the facility.
  2. Electric Towel Rails: They are independent of the Central heating system. They are expensive but effective in all weather conditions. If you place does not have the facility of Central heating pipe, then this is a good option for you.
  3. Dual Fuel towel Rails: A wise choice over the two. They are genuine and effective. they are independent and can work when switch on or off but runs on electricity.
  • Material To Go With

You will have an option of Brass or Steel. The difference being brass is expensive but longer life whereas steel is cheap or inexpensive but has a small life. Choose brass as this is cost effective on your budget on long-term goals.

  • Customization Feature

Rails should be custom made for your bathroom and need. Be sure about the size of the bathroom to your towel. Make sure you leave fee space of 10-20cm at the bottom of the radiator for the connection. While making choice goes for Watt/BTU to estimate the heat needed f or this purpose.

Top Brands For Traditional Heated Towel Rails Available in the United Kingdom

Heated Rails are a popular creation of the European era. We all love the evergreen touch of that era. Want to create that classic touch with a hint of modernization? We give you a quick look into some of the best traditional heated towel rails in UK which are affordable and offer good creativity.

  1. Global Bathroom Global Bathroom UK Logo

The best traditional heating towel rails are by the brand Global Bathroom which is an online store. They offer a wide variety of bathroom accessories across the nation covering many countries under their hat. The best feature of this brand is that they offer good quality and choice of rails at very affordable price which you won’t want to miss.

Get to choose from wall mounted or floor mounted as per your choice. a good variety of colours, sizes and designs can be seen which are trendy and have a good touch of classic view, you all have been waiting. The price is genuine and offers quick delivery.

  1. Hudson Reed Hudson Reed UK Logo

A reputed ISO 9001 certified company, Hudson Reed is mainly known for its eco-friendly work. The heated rails are available with complete fixing screws. They offer a 20-year guarantee for the rails which is a no bargain price. The product is cost effective and gives a good quality run to everyone in the market.

  1. MilanoImage result for Milano BAthrooms Logo

One of the finest brands in the market, Milano their heated towel rails is backed up by 5 years of warranty. They offer good and wider collection of rails to choose from. Select from iron and brass, you actually get to have a pick on wide collections and variety of colours, designs and varieties of the vintage age.

  1. Rhino RailsRhino Rails BAthrooms Logo

Stainless heated towel rails are the best feature of Rhino Rails. Choose from free standing, curved or straight, you can have it all. The products offer good efficiency benefit when it comes to heat and electricity. They are environment-fr
iendly and fashionable with a good hint of vintage and class.

  1. WarmehausWarmehaus BAthrooms Logo

One of the top brands when it comes to heated towel rails in the United Kingdom, Warmehaus is backed up by 10 years of guarantee. They offer good quality and material. They have good options with column radiators. They offer genuine price tag and are loved by many.

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