If one considers remodelling your bathroom, installing a designer heated towel rails is a very realistic thought. This installation will add luxury and comfort to your bath area. Ever since their creation, bathrooms have always been places of rest and relaxation.


They are rooms where people go to recuperate or prepare to go into their fast-paced lifestyles. Contemporary bathroom designs include home spas, light fittings of smooth halogen, and water jets, which are used to achieve a calming and cool effect.  For those people looking for something equally inviting but with a little more practicality, then they should consider getting heated towel rails. Even though it sounds excessive, it adds a Stylish look to your family bathroom.

designer heated towel rails

 The Benefits Of designer heated towel rails

  1. Bathroom Hygiene: While designer heated towel rails give you deliciously toasty towels & your towels dry, making them not only useful in humid climates and cold weather, they also keep your bathroom hygienic as dry towels minimize the chance of a damp breeding ground for germs and mould.
  2. The designer heated towel rails help save water and electricity: since the towels will be dried directly on the rail, they won’t have to be washed as often which means you get to save costs resulting from an energy-guzzling tumble dryer.
  3. Warmer Towels and Bathrooms: Most of the cases your bathrooms, apart from of size, hardly ever see the sunshine and so have a natural chill to them. The heat supplied by the designer heated towel rail will not only warm up your towels but will also warm the air in the bathroom.
  4. A Stylish Touch: Designer Heated Towel Rails are available in a choice of shapes and sizes, adding a Luxurious touch to your bathroom décor. Whether you are looking for Stylish complexity, modern design–Globalbathrooms.co.uk has the perfect designer heated towel rails to suit every bathroom.

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