How to Choose Bathroom Sanitary ware – House is the healthiest place if you see. Now you may ask how? House is the only place we are freaked about keeping it clean out of all the places in the world. Why ignore the most important place which is your bathroom? The bathroom is the place where you flush out the toxins; wash away the dirt, germs, and dust. It is a place where your dirty clothes have a small placing before you wash them. Make it a healthy place by making a small decision!

Bathroom Sanitaryware is the thing which needs your attention. Styling is not always important but keeping it up with healthy choices is as important. In this blog, you will read on How to Choose Bathroom Sanitaryware which is an aspect to look for a healthy life. It covers a major aspect when it comes to bathroom experiences whether its is your family or relative or guests.How to Choose Bathroom Sanitaryware !


About Sanitary ware | What is Sanitaryware?

Sanitaryware is derived from “Sanitary” which means “Hygienic & Clean” whereas “Ware” means “Product or Article” which is a division of ceramic wares which are of bathroom use.  They are made at a temperature of 12000-degree heat which is vitreous china body. The three main components of sanitary wares are made of are as follows:

  • Clay (China clay +Ball clay)
  • Quartz
  • Feldspar

Benefits | What Are The Benefits Of Sanitary wares Of Ceramic?

Sanitary wares are a lineage of ceramic family but why is it more preferable in ceramic are as follows:

  • They are affordable and cost effective over other material.
  • Have a good power resistance against chemicals and acids to a great degree.
  • They can hold an enormous weight of more than 400kgs.
  • The surface is glossy which makes it easy to clean.
  • Can be used for domestic, industrial as well as commercial use.
  • Good water absorption which is below 0.5%How to Choose Bathroom Sanitaryware

Types available | Sanitary wares Range:

  • Wash basins
  • Toilets
  • Bidet
  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Bath Tubs
  • Pedestals
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Soap holder/ Trays
  • Towel Rod

Best Tips To Choose Bathroom Sanitary ware| How to Choose Bathroom Sanitary ware?

Here are some good tips on how to choose perfect sanitary ware for your bathroom. No matter what type of bathroom you own, we have the tips made for to make the right decision for making your bathroom a more functional place.

  1. Size of the Bathroom:

How to Choose Bathroom Sanitaryware- SizeBefore jumping to any conclusions to how to choose bathroom sanitary ware, it is advisable to look at the spacing available. Having small square feet is never a crime or large square feet a boon but selecting the right thing for the room is the idea behind the success. How can u select the right thing if you have not judged the size and the real capacity and positioning in mind? Thus, the major criterion behind is:

  • See the size of the bathroom,
  • Judge the capacity of sanitaryware it can hold.
  • How it would look and will it fit in the positioning you want?
  • Will there be enough free space?
  • Won’t it block any way or hurt by means of getting in the way?
  1. Material AvailableMaterial Available:

An ideal sanitary ware is the one which does it work efficiently and effectively. Thus, the second point in our list of how to choose bathroom sanitary wares is the material the particular sanitary ware being available. The material available in the market ranges from a huge variety from normal ceramic to fiberglass. Select the material which ideally matched to the sanitary ware you want to have.

  1. Colors Available:

Colors AvailableThe market has introduced a range of colors which very much compliment the color scheme you adore or want to have it in your bathroom with the material you want to have. The idea behind it is to give the bathroom a uniform look which is should be a polished look. So, it is on our list of how to choose bathroom sanitary waresGet the best of the colors available for you in the nearest bathroom outlet and splash good colors in your bathroom.

  1. Design to Style:sanitarywares

Design available nowadays are very vibrant and unique which may probably make you go crazy over almost every style be it the Britain, Italian or our personal Indian sanitary wares, the designers have made it all. Select from the variety of designs but keep it mind:

  • The design should not have any sharp edges.
  • It should well fit your bathroom.
  • It is best to go for less complicated designs to have you free from hassles.
  1. Cost Affectivity:

Cost AffectivitySanitary wares are every person’s need and a must want the thing in the house which no one can deny. Without sanitary ware, a bathroom is only a room. Thus, it is advisable to look sanitary wares as an investment rather look upon as a costly affair. Our list how to choose bathroom sanitary wares recommends spending in a way that it seems cost effective and stands to the test of time. You can take expert advice on it to what will be best suited to your budget and what properties the material will hold against the particular sanitaryware.

  1. Strength Test:Strength test

A good sanitary ware should stand the strength test which is a must. Though they have the ability to manage to hold over 400kgs but the material impact may differ from one and another which is not a good sign & can result in breakage or chips on it which are not hygienic even. Thus, it is in the list of how to choose bathroom sanitary wares.

  1. Resistance to EnduranceResistance to Endurance:

A good sanitary ware should have the following points to be noted:

  • It should be able to withstand chemicals & acids,
  • It should be preventive to corrosions.
  • Have the ability to withstand a good passage of years.
  • It should be easy for cleaning.
  1. Water SaviorWater Savior:

A good sanitary ware should have the property to save a good amount of water effectively which makes it to the list of how to choose bathroom sanitary wares. It can save up to 20-30% of water which is important in the world where there is crisis of water.

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