How to Clean a Dirty Shower- Is your shower dirty? Is you shower stinking or giving browning colored water? Do not know how to clean it? Cleaning is crucial! No one can deny the fact that hygiene is the top most priority in every list and we do not compromise with this whether it is too costly on the budget! Shower is a luxury when it comes to good bathing which is best adored by women & girls all over the world.

You clean your house every day, your cupboard every week & your bathroom every month but why not your shower? A shower can get dirty if you do not scrub clean it regularly for healthy bathing. Water passes through the walls of shower which in the passage of time created white powdery like substance which gets hard with time and is unhealthy. It is most frequently seen in water tanks & showers. We present you ways on how to clean a dirty shower to keep the shower in good maintenance & status.

How to clean Dirty shower

Why Should We Clean A Shower? |How Often We Should Clean A Shower?

A shower can start to form mildew after 2 or 3 weeks of no cleaning. Thus, it is advisable to clean the shower once on 2 or 3 weeks to keep the mildew which is a thin, black & whitish mold of minute fungal hyphae which is not healthy due to fungal and bacteria infestation and looks absurd too. It takes only 20-30 minutes of cleaning to max if you are new to cleaning. We give you tips on How to Clean a Dirty Shower & prevent those molds from coming back.

What Materials To Be Used to Clean A Dirty Shower? | Best Cleaning Agents

To clean the shower we have some absolute material you can opt to use them as per you need.

  • Cleaning agent- Get a soapy rough cleaning agent when it comes to dirty shower place and heads. The bottle is filled with chemicals to remove even the stiffest stains and dirt. They may be bit expensive but does it work like a magic.
  • Home Made Remedies or DIY Remedies- These remedies are completely safe and eco-friendly. They inexpensive and works good. The most commonly used materials are Vinegar & dish washer, Vinegar & baking soda etc.

Vinegar & dish Washer- Mix some vinegar and a good dish washer in equal amounts. Put it in a spray bottle.

Vinegar & baking soda- Make a paste of backing soda with water. Scrub around the shower place using a cloth. Then spay some vinegar upon it and wait till a fizz sound comes and stops. Scrub again and rinse off using hot water.

Mix 1 cup vinegar, ½ cup vinegar, 1 cup ammonia, a gallon & ½  cup hot water. Use the mixture on the shower.

What things do you need? | Tools Needed While Washing-

  • Scouring pad or abrasive dish sponge
  • Rubber gloves.
  • A mug or cup for places where shower spay cannot get.
  • Microfiber cloth or drying walls.

How to Clean a Dirty Shower? |Steps to Clean

  1. Clear Off The Shelves-

The niches around the shower have may have important things like shampoos, conditioners, soaps etc. Get all of them out now and clean the area. Thus, it is advisable to clear off the shelves around the shower for cleaning. It is the best time to trash the empty and dirty bottles which is occupying the place but is useless in need. You can put them aside in a bucket or table.

  1. Water clean the area-

Before starting the clean up, take a mug of water and splash the walls & floors and around the shower using hot water. If you have a hand shower, it is good for you. It is done to let out the small dirt, hairs etc let go down the drain and making your targets clear for the real work.

  1. Spray or Splash the Remedies-

As per given above remedies of one you can use to clean the shower place. These are effective in cleaning the shower place. Scrub it properly to take the molds and water marks efficiently.

  • Put the gloves and apply any remedy to the walls-
  • Sponge the area using a scrubber to clean it.
  • Use hot water to rinse off.
  • Wipe the area after cleaning.
  • Let it dry to prevent occurrence of new mildew from forming.
  1. For lever, knobs, curtains & hard water spots-

Use hot water and white vinegar to shine the lever & knobs of the shower and clear of hard water spots on it. It is effective for walls and side of the walls. The curtains especially for shower can be cleaned using white vinegar. Other options are also available for cleaning it.

  1. Grout lines and shower tile cleaning-

Splash some hot water and the remedy to the walls and the dirty grout lines to lose the dirt. Create the steam effective for a while and rub the lines of shower tiles and grout lines using an old toothbrush for an effective cleaning. You can use a brush with bit hard bristles like the toothbrush for bigger cleaning.

  1. The showerheads turn-

It is the most difficult area to clean and causes troubles by not spraying the amount it should be by blocking itself by mildew or it is malfunctioning.

  • Remove it from the wall.
  • Soak it in a bowl full of vinegar for whole night.
  • Take a brush and clean it by scrubbing the holes.
  • Hot water rinse.
  • Carefully put it back,
  1. Clean the drain and tough water stains-

The last but not the least, clean the drain by throwing the trash out of the drain cap which is the stickiest and dirtiest part of cleaning of you have long hair or share the bathroom. Clean the toughest stains using paint scrapper or acid based cleaner for cleaning toughest stain. Be careful while you use acid-based cleaner.

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