How to Clean and Maintain your Sanitary Ware– Believe it or not! The bathroom is one such place which needs the most care. House is a place where you begin your charity and keeps up with the cleanliness is next to godliness dialogue without any doubt in the mind. You may not look after your verandas or bedroom but it’s still excused but a bad bathroom is next to what we call as inviting millions of disease at a time especially the sanitary ware of the bathroom. Cleaning and maintaining are the important part of it.

Millions of bacteria and micro-organisms harmful for the body and health are being stagnated in the vessel. They can cause a huge list of diseases from diarrhoea to dysentery to typhoid etc. The typical & initial warning starts with a bad smell which is not at all acceptable. Moreover, a dirty bathroom with unhygienic sanitary wares is a complete no from our side. They not only stagnate the dirt for you but also invite the negative life forces. We give you essential tips on how to clean and maintain your sanitary ware effectively and efficiently because if you cleanliness next to you, surely the goodliness will make the good effect on you.sanitary wares

What is Sanitary Ware? What are its Types?

Sanitary ware is the division of ceramic wares which are of bathroom use. The name as suggested means, “Sanitary” which means ““Hygienic & Clean” & “Ware” means “Product or Article” which is widely used as bathroom materials; they are stronger and more durable. Get in touch with the types that fall into this category:

  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bidet
  • Bath Tubs
  • Wash basins
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Towel Rod
  • Pedestals Bathroom Sanitaryware !

Tips on How To Clean and Maintain Your Sanitary Ware

Get to the groove of maintaining and keeping up with the cleaning of the sanitary wares which is a crucial part of our lives and an important step to a hygienic and healthier life. We give you the tips on how to maintain and clean your sanitary ware with ease. Just 5 minutes and it will keep up for longer durations:

Trap the Moist

Moisture and humidity play an important role in our daily life but can play havoc with the sanitary ware as they get exposed to corrosion and exposed deterioration which is not good for a long time.trap the moist

Here are some essential tips on how to maintain a good moist free sanitary ware:

  • Whenever you take a shower or bath or water the bathroom area, make a rule that you wipe the area nicely.
  • Open the closed windows to let fresh air run through the room.
  • Just switch on the exhaust fan.
  • Dry the shower tubs and walls as well as the curtain to stop the moisture from giving stains or rusts.

Get That Bar Out

Soaps are an important part of your bathroom which is a no doubt as when you use a bathroom; the end result is soap and towel. But do you know bar soaps can actually affect the sanitary ware? Yes, it is true! The sticky, greasy & slimy soap can corrode the tiles of the sanitary ware as well leave ugly marks.Get That Bar Out

Here are some essential tips to prevent those ugly marks:

  • Replace the normal soap bar with a liquid dispenser which is hygienic and unused.
  • You can go for a soap dispenser or liquid soap with a pump.
  • Discard the use of soap bar to utmost especially around the sinks and wash basins.

Shop for Good Cleaners

The market is flooded with toilet cleaners, sink cleaners and washes basin cleaners to every type of cleaner for sanitary ware. They not only keep the articles clean but also clean the germs which cause diseases.cleaners

Here are some essential tips to go for cleaner sanitary wares:

  • Use rubber gloves while you clean and have a long handled brush and nylon scrub aside for cleaning purposes.
  • Go for cleaners like Mr Clean Bath Cleaners or Lysol or much more which you feel confident about.
  • Avoid acid or bleachers which are most used by families as they can erode the natural structure and durability of sanitary wares.
  • These help to keep the products stain free and germ-free.
  • When you pour in the liquid, it is mandatory to keep up with the instruction especially the toilet area.
  • Go for liquid cleaners which have a disinfectant effect.


Keep Up the Cleaning Process

A sanitary ware needs the timely wash before they turn into ugly marks and stains which are very difficult to remove. Thus, always be ready to clean the mess on time before they become a mistake which is lifelong.Keep Up the Cleaning Process

Here are few tips to clean the sanitary ware and keeping up with them:

  • Have disinfectant cleaning wipes aside for good cleaning keep ups.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals while using on the sanitary wares especially in bath tubs as your body rubs against the walls,
  • Have a mild soap used while scrubbing the sanitary wares to avoid the scoring marks, water marks and deposition of ugly marks,
  • Wash the area especially the toilet seat with a disinfectant solution like Dettol which is the best choice by many doctors.
  • It is advised to clean the toilet & bath tubs once in a week & wash basin daily.

Clean the Way with Simple Tricks

We present you some simple cleaning tricks which are homemade tricks which are a good step on how to clean and maintain your sanitary ware which is as follows:Keep Up the Cleaning

  • Toilet: Mix vinegar and borax (Also called Boric Acid) solution and use it as a homemade cleaner. Leave it for two hours before you start the cleaning process to let loosen up the dirt. Pour in some vinegar in the flush tank before you flush.
  • Showerhead: Soak it in the vinegar solution for the long duration of overnight. Have a brush scrubbed and wash off with water.
  • Tubs and Sinks: Have vinegar or lemon juice spread over the area. Keep it for 30 minutes or an hour. Take a scrubber and have it washed off it water.



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