How to Create a Theme Bathroom – The bathroom is the place you can relax and get to ease yourself. No matter what the size of your bathroom- Be it big or small. Never judge the bathroom with the square feet. No matter what theme you want- Be it Victorian or Beach theme. Every theme is an ooze to look.

Theme bathrooms are always popular. Its gives sophistication, feel and rich look to the bathroom. Your ideas can bring out the best of the bathroom décor. It does not matter where your house is located- In a city, countryside or coast, your theme bathroom can rule out everything to make you feel the theme you desire to live with.

Confused where to start? How to create a theme bathroom? We always have a desire of setting the bathroom according to a theme which lures and creates more interest and not dull and boring. So in this blog, we are sharing some ideas to create a theme bathroom.

How to Create a Theme Bathroom

Tips to create theme bathroom

We will present you with the basics of creating a themed bathroom at your own house so that you can start exploring now:

  • Think of the theme style 

The first thing above all is to decide which theme you want to go with. It can be any theme. The popular themes are the Nautical theme, Beach theme & Sea theme etc. Others which are particular themes are a Victorian theme, Traditional theme & western theme. These themes are delicate to a time or style. Select any theme, you wish and desire for. Know more about it which is good for you. A range of themes is available in the market for your selection. You can look on the web or contact your nearest bathroom store for more information.

  • From walls to the floor

A good tiling gives you the feel and perfect ambiance for your perfectly themed bathroom. Have your walls and floor fully and perfectly grouted with the same color? The use of wallpapers/ wooden Perspex sheets or bead board walls which can add the intensive look to the theme but be careful, they should be waterproof. They should be combined in a way that it complements the theme and the desired look. Go for wooden flooring or earthy mosaic tiles to achieve a Stone Age / hilltop them

  • Colors schemes

Colors play an important role in our lives. Colors bring the rhythm in us. Have tiles and looks matching which compliment the color of the theme. Best to go for earthy tones or sandy tones for a natural theme, shades of blue for the beach, gold and silver for Victorian theme etc. every theme has a corresponding color to it, which makes you feel it within you. Light colors give a spacious feel whereas dark and warm tones give a sophisticated and small room feel. Opt the best look for your bathroom by deciding the best color scheme.

  • Details

When we speak of a theme, give importance to its details. To achieve that designer made and polished look, the detailing gives the right magic to it, especially the traditional themed bathrooms. If you do not have much idea, you can seek advice too if you want.

  • Accessories

Decorate the bathroom with accessories which compliment your theme. Get bathrobes, towels & toiletries etc. Accomplish the task by giving them a spick and span look.  Add big mirrors which are ornate or give your theme as the boost. Give your bathroom a book section which can be added benefit for anyone. Open cupboards or iron baskets are used widely for this. Dustbins are also important with a lid. A metallic or plastic or wooden basket is good.

  • Fixtures & Fittings

A theme bathroom is incomplete without good fixtures and fittings. Have tubs (clawfoot tubs are also great). Have beautiful scores and chandeliers fitted in the bathrooms to give a rich, magical and a royal look to the theme? The fixtures come in the wide range which is theme sensitive and looks great too an all themes. We advise you to keep  the toilet and basin of same color, texture, and design for uniformity.

  • Fragrance

You would never want your bathroom to be a stinky place ever. Get the best fragrance for your bathroom. Buy some scented candles, reed infuser or potpourri from the stores. If these seem to be costly, then go for Odonil or room freshener for a heaven like the smell in the bathroom and create the heavenly spa-like fragrance. Comfort yourself which can add the immense peaceful indulge in the theme.

  • Lightening

Lightning can bring the charm to your theme. Just like the magic have sparkles in it. Well, we have the lighting effects for you. The lightening should not be too high or too dull as it can blur out and be boring. Best to keep soft lightening to create a good calm & peaceful environment.

  • Paintings

Who says the painting cannot be displayed in bathrooms. It is a fashion which is being followed since a long time. Have paintings which depict your dream theme. It enhances the look of the bathroom. Floral painting and sea paintings greatly rejoice. Traditional themes tend to love painting depicting vintage scenario.

  • Functional 

No matter the look of the bathroom, it should always be functional for everyone. A fully furnished bathroom is great to look but an overloaded cluttered bathroom makes it a mess and difficult to maintain. Keep the theme stick to its base and never forget the serve it is playing for you.


Themed bathroom are lot in trend nowadays. It brings charm to your otherwise simple bathrooms. There are variety of themes you can think of depending upon the type of the bathroom and your choice. Above mentioned ideas on how to create themed bathroom might help you to convert your bathroom in the most beautiful place.

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