How to install electric heated towel rails – Electric heated towel rails have become a necessity nowadays especially in the cold places. They are easy to use and very convenient. There is absolutely no reason to not install them in the bathroom.  Now if you are looking for the ways to install electric heated towel rails in the bathroom then we have the tips or ways to install them easily in the bathroom.

How to install electric heated towel rails

They are very beneficial and now they are not only just limited for the practical use but also have become a style accessory in the bathroom. They are available in so many designs and style you just have to choose the right one for your type and you are ready to get a cozy bathroom with the style in it.

Why electric heated towel rails are important to be installed in the bathroom?

Electric heated towel rails are very important to get rid of the chilling temperatures. What’s better than to feel cozy in your bathroom? Who will not want to have the heated up towels after bathing to get dried up? No one right? This is the major reason of installing them in the bathroom. They being functional also add up to the beauty and style of the bathroom in every way.

Benefits of installing electric heated towel rails

There are so many benefits of installing them in the bathroom ranging from keeping your towels warm to adding up into the décor of the bathroom. They are very easy to use and also are very beneficial. There are many types, designs, sizes and shapes of them to choose from. And then you can install any one of them easily and then get the most benefits from it.

Ways to install electric heated towel rails

You need an expert for the installation of electric heated towel rails in the bathroom. Reason being a normal individual does not know anything about this installation process. An expert will easily install it without creating mess and trouble whereas a beginner will face some problems. So to cut down your problems here are the best and easy ways to install them in the bathroom.

  • First of all select the electric heated towel rail that you want to install in the washroom.
  • Now select the area where it is to be installed and make sure that the walls will go through all the processes like drilling etc.
  • Make holes in the wall to adjust the bracket base with the screw holder and also the bracket screws.
  • Now fit the bracket stems to the towel warmer carefully.
  • After this align the bracket base and stems so that you can fix the towel warmer properly.
  • Now tighten the bracket screw.
  • Again tighten the bracket base and stems so that electric heated towel rails fix properly.
  • Last thing you have to do is to connect it to the electric sockets so that you can use it.
  • After doing all these steps you can finally use it for better bathing experience.


If you have been looking for the easiest ways to install electric heated towel rails then I hope this might have helped you to the higher extent. Electric heated towel rails are very beneficial in the cold countries and so they are easy to install. So if you do not have one then right now buy and install it for better bathroom.


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