How to Install Tile in a Bathroom Shower– Searching for tips to install tile in your bathroom? Looking for steps to install the tiles yourself in your bathroom shower? We have it for you! Tiling the walls is very easy and you can do it yourself. Create your own shower tiles and enjoy the way you want to. Tiles are delicate for sure and putting them correctly is an art to adore but what about that costly labor work?

Bathroom ideas come for every help. So, we bring you tips step to step on how to install tile in a bathroom shower. These are very easy steps and little hard work & attention & there you got a masterpiece. Be careful as you place them and make sure you put them in an orderly manner.How to Install Tile in a Bathroom Shower

Steps to Install Tile in a Bathroom Shower

No need to spend on labor work and waste more time. It can be easily done by you also. Just a little hard work and surely it will be paid off very well. Get in touch with step to installation process of bathroom shower tile to get that professional finish of tiles:

Select the right tiles for your bathroom shower

Opting for right shower tile is the demand. Check the material, durability & features along with the resistance and stain-free properties. Shower tiles are the most important when it comes to tiles as this area is wet and dry most of the time along with humidity and cold. They are exposed to corrosive nature & slippery behaviour which should be taken good care. Material Available

Points to remember

  • Check the PEI rating.
  • It should be slip resistance.
  • Water resistant also.

Prepare the bathroom showerprepare shower

Before you start to install tiles, prepare the wall by demolishing the old tiles from the walls completely. Be care full while you take out the tiles as many times, one tile can lead other tiles to break off and slip down creating huge mess around the bathroom and can even injure you or anybody. Once the old tiles are de-installed, and then put newspaper or old cloth, surrounding the shower place, so that when you are installing tiles in your bathroom shower, the mess does not affect the floors.

Gear up with equipmenttools

Prepare yourself with the following preparations which are as follows:

  • Wear your hand gloves.
  • Get a tub to make mortar and grout.
  • Trowel
  • Tile cutters and tile saws.
  • Spacers

Measure the area

measure the areaMeasure the area of the bathroom shower and your tiles. It is better to work accordingly for smooth finish and cut. You can properly lay them on the floor to see how it is to be placed. So, that you are confident about how you want to install them and in what sequence and manner.

Create the baseCreate the base

Before you start, it is recommended to start from the base. Leave the first row and from the second row, attach a thick board, to support the other tiles as you go up. Always remember, never to start from the up as tiles tend to fall off easily and not directly from the base as base tend to be uneven.

Prepare the mortar

You have seen them around the construction of building and renovation time! It is the most important thing you need which is a step on how to install bathroom shower tile.mortan or thinset

  • Take some mortar or cement powder.
  • Mix in a small bucket.
  • Make the consistency like peanut butter which is not too thick or thin.
  • Once it is done, your mortar is ready to be applied.

Start the tiling processStart the tiling process

Once the mortar or thinset is ready to be applied, take a trowel and apply a layer of mortar paste on the effective area. Apply on a small area using the guidelines. Comb out the excess mortar back into the bucket. Take out a tile and gently press it into the wall. In between the two tiles, put a spacer for leaving the desired space for grout lines.

Work the best cutWork the best cut

Repeat the above process all over the wall except the corner which is a problematic area. You will need to cut the tiles a bit for that smooth finish. It is advised to careful mark the areas required on the tile and use a tile cutter for cutting the tile which should be carefully done. Just mark and have it cut smoothly. Stick it to the wall repeating the same step again.

Go parallel and straightcheck the tiles

It is suggested to periodically and often check the tiles are in straight line and haven’t loosened up. Check by moving the tiles gently. If you feel that it has loosened up or may fall off, take it carefully out and use a larger notched trowel for better results. Be careful about the spacing and do not let other tiles get affected.

Be careful of the plumbingBe careful of the plumbing

There are areas which cause problems when it comes to the areas where plumbing take place or your sanitary wares or faucets etc. for this you can use nippers or hole saw designs to perfectly fit the tile in the congested area.  if the area is too complicated, then trim the tiles according to the need and stick it the wall using the mortar and trowel,

Get the base rightGet the base right

Now that the wall is prepared, then lastly comes the turn off base. First, you have taken out the support wooden plank that was kept on there. Then, careful place the tiles one by one and cut according to the space corners which is the best way to fit the tiles. Do not forget the spacers in between every tile. Let it dry for 24 hours and check the consistency again.

Grout the linesGrout Lines

When the wall is completely dried, take out the spacers & start to prepare for the grout lines. It is best to go with the recommended grout line by the manufacturer for better results. Use a rubber float to apply the grout and leave it for 10 minutes and clean the excess using a wet sponge. Be careful you do not remove from the spacing.

Cleaner and strongerCleaner and stronger

Once everything is done, the wall may look a haze. Use a haze remover on the tiles. It is recommended to apply grout sealer and silicone sealer all around the bathroom shower from joints to corners to edges for long lasting imprinting. Clean the mess is the last but not the least step.

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