Modern home designer heated towel rails and bathroom radiators rails. Now they are pieces of art as much as a small appliance. have come a long, long way.

designer heated towel rails

So many different types and ideas – from wall mounted heated towel rail to floor mount radiators and everything in between.

 wall mounted heated towel rail

There’s even a designer radiators vertical and it’s sleek! Bench radiators, too – talk about being in the hot seat.

Some of these luxury radiators are towel racks and towel warmers, some are shelving on top of everything else. Some are hydraulic power and some use electric heated towel rails.

Bradden-stainless-steal-towel-railThese examples below are the best and the most creative. You’ll find great choices for the kid’s room, for modern bathrooms and kitchens, all around the home.

Many of these choices are perfect for the modern loft – wall mounted heated towel rail fit nicely with cement walls. If you’re considering a designer radiator for your home, look no further. Your journey to warmth & style.

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