How To Remove a Heated Towel Rail for Decorating – Want to decorate your wall? Are you looking for ways to remove your heated towel rail? Heated towel rails are a thing of luxury for all. The installation may make a bit trouble but removing is as easy. The cranky rail can actually ruin the look while you want to reinvent the look. In this article, we will share on how to remove a heated towel rail for decorating.

You love your house! Well, it needs to be painted or redecorated once in a while. The heated towel rail is making a mess? The areas behind the rails are difficult areas but they do need to be painted and decorated. You never want to end up with your masterpiece looking incomplete or weird. When we say weird, it means the rusted wall seeking behind those bars. Know how to remove a heated towel rail for decorating.

How To Remove a Heated Towel Rail for Decorating

Now decorating a heated towel rail is easy and by just simple steps you can achieve the looks. Go step by step and remove the rail effortlessly.

Why You Need To Take Off The Heated Towel Rail To Decorate Your Room?

Installing a heated towel rail was a challenge and now uninstalling is making an obstacle! Many people out of laziness make a grave mistake of not uninstalling the radiator while decorating. The whole room may be shining with new paint and smell except the radiator. Awful! The look of that portion can be seen like a flaw which can easily spot by others.

The removal of heated towel rail can help you achieve a better goal of a beautiful room.  On the other hand, it will help you install an insulation radiator kit. This will help you save heat to 30% which absorbed by the walls if the room. It is a great idea to make changes as well as the radiator as a whole. Thus, the removal of heated towel rail helps you be creative, clean and economic at the same time.

 Heated Towel Rail

Things You Will Require While Uninstalling Heated Towel Rail

There are certain things which will be needed in your process while removing the heated towel rail.  The following the equipments that will be required by you.

  • Dust sheet or towels to protect the floor
  • Radiator key
  • Screwdrivers – small and large
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Pair of grips
  • Washing-up bowl or small tub

Step By Step To Remove A Heated Towel Rail Easily

Here are the steps in how to remove a heated towel rail for decorating. Follow it step by step to get the best results effectively.

Isolate The Radiator:

Steps To Remove a Heated Towel Rail for Decorating

The rail has two valves. O me for letting water in and the other for letting it out. The third type of the radiator is thermostatic which has the same functions. You need to isolate the radiator in order to uninstall it. Switch the valves “Off” to continue with other steps. Turn them clockwise to shut the water supply off. Use a wrench for this purpose to remove the cap of “lockshield’ valve.

Drain The Water Out:

Ways To Remove a Heated Towel Rail for Decorating

Use the bowl or tub to prevent the spillage. Place it under the heated towel rail. Use a wrench or adjustable spanners or pair of pliers to hold the valve. On the other hand, loosen the nuts which connect the radiator to the pipe.  Use the radiator key to open the bleed valve. It will result in breaking the air lock and let the water out which was in the radiator. Use a towel to avoid any further spillage of water on the floor or carpet. Close the bleed valve and undo the other nut at the bottom of the radiator.

Remove The Radiator:

When done with the drainage part, you can disconnect the radiator from both the valves. Be careful as some water can spill out which remains in the valve. Do not forget to close the bleed valve before removing. Lift it from the wall brackets. Place the radiator on dust sheets or you can use towels to avoid spillage. Remove the remaining brackets on the wall using a screwdriver. Now your wall is ready to be decorated.


Heated towels rails are a good way of keeping the room, clothes to towels warm throughout the day. You can add some functional changes which are a good way of having a good warm day. I hope the article was of good use for you.

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