Tips to Choose Right Basin for Small Bathroom – Bathrooms basins are an element we usually skin out of the blues which is normal for every one because for many it is just a sink which is possible of less concern. The basins have a great pros and cons in every bathroom.Small bathrooms are very tricky to design and keep up to due to low space and less creativity to add. Below mentioned are the best tips to choose right basin for small bathroom.

Wash basins are one such aspect which we tend to skip but right choice of basic and increase as well decrease the space as well as add give that instinct you always been looking for.You got a small bathroom? Confused about the basin choice? No worries, we have the right material for you which you are looking for. We will give you some tips to choose right basin for small bathroom.

Tips to Choose Right Basin for Small Bathroom

Choose the Type of Basin To Go

There are five main designs for basins available for bathrooms:

  1. Above the counter basin

Counter basins are also called vessel basin, placed above the bench top. It comes in variety of design ranging from stone to glasses which are very creative to look & great for U shaped drawers. It is very affordable and cost effective. It is becoming highly popular.

  1. Inset basin or drop in basin

It is placed below the bench top covered by rim or lipid from the cut-out. It is best standard basin mixers and has high bench top. It looks elegant as save on labor coast. It is economic to spend.

  1. Semi-inset basin

Under this the basin is placed in middle-not above por below the bench top. They are best for tall mixers and wall mounted basin mixers. They come in variety of designs which are affordable.

  1. Under mount basin or under counter basin

Under these, the basins are placed underneath the bench top. They are easy to clean as well as look polished. The tap can be perfectly placed above and if water spills, a wipe of a cloth is enough for the seamless clean look. Best for those families who are mostly have busy bathrooms.

  1. Under mount basin with mitred apron

These are placed really low in the bench tops which are best for U shaped drawers. They are very easy to clean and gives a sleek look. It takes less space but not advisable for small cabinets as it minimal space of cabinet from within.

  1. Wall-mount basin :Wall-mount basins as the name suggests are attached directly to the wall. They are best for small bathrooms as they require less space. They usually are cabinet free and minimal space is taken with more floor spacing, giving your bathroom a biggie feel.
  1. Vanity basin:
  2. Pedestal basin: These basins are best for those whose pipes end goes through the floor. These give the bathroom basic traditional look which is pleasing to eyes. If your thinking of a theme bathroom which period or traditional themed like Victorian bathroom.
  1. Wash plane basin: These are best for small bathrooms with minim al spacing. Largely used my hotels and restaurants, they ad stlye and a streamlined finish. They easy and affordable as well as come in attractive ranges which includes porcelain, ceramic, stone or glass etc even marble and granite are there in the line.
  1. All in one sink and cabinet: No custom made basin, they are ready-made basins which come in an all in one benefit. The bathroom stores nowadays have a range of such basins which are easy to install & easy to clean for the busy bathroom families.


Keep the faucet in mind:

The selected basins, has a lot to do with the right tap to go through. Many new modals do not come with faucet holes, such models are wall mounted special. You won’t like your basin to low or your tab deep down. The right style- if it is wall-mounted or high tap etc, it is very important for the basin

Go with the look

Renovating or redesigning or even if you are just giving a change, never forget to mix and go the look of the tub and fixtures of the bathroom. A wrong mix match would not look good. Contrasting colors or styles can be a statement but with creativity and bit cleverness can add charms keeping in mid the size of the bathroom.

Shape and size it

The depth of the basic is very important and the shape of it. The basins come in rectangular/ square shape or curved/ bowl /round shaped. Choose it carefully how you want it to be. The curved basins are more likely to be chosen for small bathrooms whereas the rectangular basins are best when wall mounted.

 Look as an investment

If you think basins are very costly and going for a cheap one is a good idea, then your mistaken. These days basins come at prices which are very cost effective and good quality too. The bathroom stores know the need of the customers. One time installation of a good basin, will free you from many problems for years to come. Thus, look at it as an investment which is better for paying for repairs frequently.

Materials to go with

Basins come in a wide range of materials from porcelain, ceramic, glass, wood, copper etc.  The basic material which the basic is made of comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Go for basin materials which are easy to clean, durable, ideal and prevent corrosion due to constant water spilling etc. You can look up for the materials in which basins are available and the pro’s and con’s of it.

Making the best of the space is the trick and we do not mean the square feet of the bathroom. Creativity and right choice of basin can give a good element to your bathroom. Never for the other elements while making the choice.


Above mentioned are best tips to choose the right basin for small bathroom. We know it is very hard to adjust  with the small bathrooms but we have brought you the best ideas on how to choose best basin for the even the small bathrooms.


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