Tips to Design Victorian Bathroom – Do you Love the Victorian era? Do you Love its architecture? Want to create it at your home and live it daily? Searching for tips for creating a Victorian bathroom? Victorian age is one such era which is intensely known for its luxury, royalty and peace greatly an era of Golden years. So we have brought you the best tips to design victorian bathroom.

Victorian era decades back almost a century. It’s art, interior and décor have always withstood every test of time. A perfect example of an antique look yet stylish and an evergreen fashion. Britain’s finest Hotels and housing, still adore the Victorian look as much as a pride sense of fashion.

The Victorian bathroom made a sensible piece of fashion which is out of the box and is always popular. They have the uniqueness to gel out with every style and give you a fusion with a touch of traditional and contemporary. Give your bathroom the elements which will make your bathroom like royalty like. So In this blog, we are going to share tips to design victorian bathroom.

Tips to Design Victorian Bathroom

How to Design victorian Bathroom

Want to live the golden reign of Queen Victoria in the 18th century, we present you some tips to create your own Victorian bathroom and hints to date you back what it feels to bath in  that huge tub in that period.

  1. Details to look

  • Be sensitive to that era when you are creating it. It is better to look for advice and work upon it. Look in magazines and on the internet for a clearer view and design in mind.
  • The details are always important as detailing gives you a perfect finish and desired results with the sense of sophistication when achieving a Victorian bathroom.
  • You can seek advice from expert also when renovating your bathroom.
  1. Clawfoot tub

  • Clawfoot tubA Victorian era had the signature element in their bathrooms which is the clawfoot tubs or dragon claw feet tubs.
  • The tubs had metallic claw-like feet which come in various designs ornate claws being popular.
  • The Victorian bathtubs had these tubs with one side higher than the other which is meant for resting the head and the lower end for the taps. These tubs have good thermal power and retain the warmth for the longer period.




  1. Curvy Iron Table and Crown Mold Furniture

  • Curvy Iron Table and Crown Mold FurnitureThe curvy iron table is a basic element in the Victorian bathrooms. The table has long iron legs which are curvy in the end.
  • It is used beside the tubs to keep the accessories like the soap, vase or towel etc.
  • The other furniture like tufted chairs, sofas and stool is an element to consider whereas the cabinets and drawers had this crown mold finish clubbed with the dressing table if you have more space to give that rich look.



  1. Frameless ornate mirror

  • Frameless ornate mirrorA bathroom no matter from any era; is incomplete without a mirror. The royal era has those huge frameless ornate mirrors which were decorative and pretty to look.
  • The era had that royal feeling. Buy an antique mirror frame and replace it with a new mirror in it.
  • Best place is the antique store near you which handy and profitable as well. Go for silver or gold frames.



  1. Antique framework

  • Antique frameworkGood art framework has always rejoiced in that English era of gold. Go for floral or royal depicting paintings and replace the new frame with a silver or golden frame.
  • It will make your look more creative and real. They look dramatic and give you a timeless feel.



  1. Elizabeth radiator

  • Elizabeth radiatorYou have seen it at your grandma’s house and television programs, showcasing the rich life of Queen Victoria.
  • The Elizabeth radiator is a great option if looking for cast iron bath. The metallic finish looks great and is sure to add charms to your bathroom.
  • The radiator is one of the crucial things to create a Victorian bathroom.




  1. Silver vase

  • Silver vaseThe silvery vase or glass vase with a golden or silvery nickel finish will do the work. It looks beautiful and gives the subtle calmness when you will splurge in the tub and relax.
  • Add flowers or decorative flowers complementing the look you desire to attain.



  1. Sconce and the chandelier

  • Sconce and the chandelierCreate the magnificent royal feel by adding an ornate sconce with a chandelier in the center, better if placed on top in the center.
  • Place the sconce beside the mirror. The sconce can have white glass work which if seen with the chandelier will give you the peaceful and relaxed feeling.
  • Just like traveling back in time. Use LED bulbs which are eco-friendly and consume less electricity.






  1. Accessories to royalty

  • The Victorian bathroom is completely incomplete without a luxury. Add accessories like heavy white curtains, transparent circular rails and bath robes etc to your bathrooms. Have they placed in your luxury box or display it.
  • You can opt for chain pulled toilets with high leveled cisterns or basins which are portable. Give your bathroom a royal treatment and it will make you feel like one.
  1. Tile up

  • The tiles are an important part of any bathroom.
  • The Victorian era witnessed the use of wooden flooring with neutral black and white shades of tiles. The V&A tiles also greatly complement that era with the modern touch and fusion.
  • You can also go for marble and mosaic floor and walls.

Vintage wallpaper is very popular and can enhance your look of Victorian Era with the ornate gold silver frame.


Victorian bathrooms are a rejoiced style and in the true sense a royalty for everyone. It may be difficult but never impossible to recreate a look that existed 100 years ago. We can always have our personal touch and create our own Victorian traditional bathrooms. The stuff complementing or depicting the Victorian time are great materials to enhance that look and creativity is always above all.

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