Top Tips for Choosing Towel Rails– When we come to redesigning, the most neglected part is the towel rail which is an important aspect in a bathroom. Confused how a towel railing is so important. Your work is a total mess if you have not installed one in your home. Just imagine you are washing your hand or face or coming after a good bath and where is the towel? It is somewhere in the cupboard or on the not so clean shelf or someone actually just used the towel and put it back wet because they could not find a proper place to keep it for you. Horrible feeling!

Towel rails are an important aspect of your bathroom or you can say the most functional part of the bathroom. Though it is small, it has the end usage which makes it an ideal area to look at. Want tips on towel rails? Here, in this blog you will read about top tips for choosing towel rails to get the best experience! Towel rails are a minor task but comprise a great deal for you and your bathroom designing. The market is flooded with options but we have the best tips to get it right the right way.Top Tips for Choosing Towel Rails!

Our Best Top Tips for Choosing Towel Rails | Global Bathroom Tips

  1. Space For Place:

Top Tips for Choosing Towel RailsOur top tips for choosing towel rails is to first look for the space available in your bathroom which can be beside the vanity, bathtub, shower or basin . Every bathroom differs when it comes it right towel rails which are hand to hand to the every size bathroom whether it is a small bathroom or a big bathroom. Towel rails are a luxury which is affordable for everyone. Thus, a good towel rail would not be burn in the pocket. The correct spacing of the place is very important as it decides the rest tips that you are going to read now. If you have a small or congested bathroom then a big towel rail would be annoying and if are a large bathroom owner then a mismatched rail will out grace the total look of the bathroom.

  1. Go With The Dimension:

Go With The DimensionA towel rails dimension is a crucial aspect we should consider while installing it into the wall forever which makes it a top tip for choosing towel rails. After you have chosen the spacing, then check out the space available for the railing to really fit in with the dimensions as we do not want you to struggle with your rails being an obstruct while opening the door or sticking out to hurt you which is a must to make sure.

The height and width of the towel rail is an important aspect of dimension which means to look out the proper installation at the height of the railing from the ground which is not too height or not too low leaving your towel cleaning the floor. Also ensure that the width of the rail is not too long or short for the towels to fit in as well not act as an obstruct while opening or closing cabinets, shower door or main door.

  1. Choose The Type Which Goes With The Style:

Choose The Type Which Goes With The StyleTowel rails offer a good variety of styles to have them installed as an attraction in your bathroom and it looks trendy as well as good to see. What are the types available or what can be the possible type of towel rail to have in your bathroom? We give few ideas which are our top tip for choosing towel rails to your query which are as follows:

  • Heat Freestanding Towel Rail- It is very popular these days and inspired by the European collection which makes it an eligible element today which makes the towels warm and the bathroom temperature cold to normal.
  • Freestanding Towel Rail- It is a portable towel stand which is ideal for every bathroom due to being light. It can be placed anywhere conveniently.
  • Ladder Towel Rail- This can be installed and looks great for a family who does not believe in dominating. It has more than one rail which makes it a good family material.
  • Single/ Double Towel Rail- This is the most common type of towel rail that you will find almost everywhere. They are affordable and well its cost is genuine enough to be spend and not a luxurious one.
  1. Finish |It Demands:Top Tips for Choosing Towel Rails-finish

Towel rails are not about that boring steel thing. They are now available in more colorful finish which looks sleeker, elegant and gives a classic cult.  The best and most popular finish is the Chrome which makes it prettier to adore with that size and clarity. They are also available in black, copper, white etc which looks good when you put it on. The selection should also be dependent on the bathroom fixtures you have put on in the bathroom to have that uniformity to look at which is why it is one of our top tips for choosing towel rails.

  1. Tips for the Heated Towel Rail Lovers:

Heated Towel railHeated towel rails are much in demand these days. So, if you consider installing the heated towel rail instead of a normal designer towel rail. Then we have good tips for choosing towel rail which is our heat special. The tips are as follows:

  • Choose your use- Central heating/ Electrical heating (best for flats and properties with no gas or central heat)/ Dual heating.
  • Free space of 10-20cm at the bottom of the radiator for the connection.
  • Consider Watt/BTU to estimate the heat requirement for usage.
  • Get technical help for wiring and other installation information.

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