Top 10 Bathroom Taps Brands in UK – Looking for a brand which stands upon your expectation of good bathroom taps? Searching for traditional to modern design taps? Want the best range to choose from? The bathroom is one such place where you can rejoice the best. Now whether you won a large square foot or a cute small bathroom, taps are a must! They are small enough to fit and a stylish one can add to the charm. We bring you top 10 bathroom taps brands in UK for your easy selection!

Best Bathroom Taps in UK

The fashion world has something new to add to your interior! These days’ companies have introduced their won range of bathroom taps which look elegant and functional at the same time. Bathroom articles are one such aspect that once you think of spending, always takes it as an investment planning. As they will stay for years and if you want them to last long, spend on good brands rather going for a cheap one. Thus, we have a blog to make selection easy through top 10 bathroom tap brand in UK.

Best Selling 10 Bathroom Tap Brands Available In United kingdom

Get to know the best on the market which guarantees quality for a longer time! Know the top 10 bathroom tap brands in UK for a better experience. Spend on a lifetime articles which has been applauded by many globally.

Global Bathrooms

Global bathrooms are one of the best brands and an online web store which will completely complement
it your all bathroom needs. They have a wide range of designer to tradition taps ready for you.

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Let us know more about the Global bathroom.

  • The online store is available in almost every part of the world.
  • They provide quality articles at a genuine and affordable price.
  • Taps have good functionality.
  • Huge range of design to choose from.

Ultra Finishing Tap

Commenced in 1982, Ultra Finishing is the best in Top 10 bathroom tap brands in UK as a part of ‘made in Britain’. It is best known for its good quality throughout. They are widely cherished by millions of its customers. Ultra Finishing TapCome let us know about this company which is a huge success:

  • They offer latest designs which are manufactured following standards.
  • Products available at affordable prices.
  • The benefit of anti-scald protection.
  • They are easy to install and are functional.

    Premier Bathroom Tap

Anticipated member of ‘Made in Britain’ scheme, Premier has a good collection to adore. It will make you experience beautiful when you next time go for a bath or for washing.

Let us know more about this brand which makes it popular: Premier Bathroom Tap

  • They offer 5 years to lifetime guarantee on their articles.
  • Competitive price if compared.
  • They offer a wide range of designs which are functional as well.

    Hudson Reed Tap

Need a genuine brand which solves your bathroom problems? Hudson Reed is a reputed ISO 9001 certified company which has its designs at the best of eco-friendly nature for you.

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Read more about Hudson Reed! What makes it so special:

  • They are and offer good environment sustainability.
  • Good functionality.
  • Genuine cost of articles.
  • The benefit of a 5-year guarantee.
  • Wide design.


One of the top 10 bathroom taps brands in the UK, Crosswater is an award holder also. They are many loved by everyone. It is multi Brand Company which is very popular in the United Kingdom.


Read what makes Crosswater so popular:

  • Design with functionality and comprehensiveness.
  • Articles designed by selected designers.
  • Good features.

    Vado Tap Collection

Customers’ favourite globally, this British Bathroom brassware Manufacturing company is one of the most loved brands when it comes to its bathroom special.

Want to know more? Here we go!

  • Standardised designs are made.
  • Huge range of collection of taps to choose from.
  • Affordable pricing to costly items.
  • Great when it comes to quality.

Grohe Tapware

Another name of comfort, Grohe is another brand which is much loved for their stylish range of tapware. They have the brassware collection which is very popular about this brand. Grohe Tapware

Get to know more about Grohe tapware:

  • Taps are manufactured with fine materials which speak it quality.
  • Wide collection from cosmopolitan to contemporary to authentic designs.
  • Good mounting styles for your every different choice.

    Roper Rhodes Bathroom Tap

One of leading companies in the United Kingdom, Roper Rhodes is the best you can have! More than 30 years of experience in this field, they offer the best in the market. Roper Rhodes

Let us know more about Roper Rhodes:

  • Good variety in articles.
  • Millions of happy customers worldwide with good reviews.
  • Genuine cost of products.

    Methven Tapware

One of the oldest companies to provide an array of bathroom articles, the company dates back in 1886. They have shown and proved themselves as one of the best when it comes to the innovating bathroom.

Know more about Methven:

  • Multiple time award holder.
  • Known for their innovative ideas which have been widely appreciated.
  • Taps are made from lead-free eco brass work.
  • Genuine pricing.
  • Leading water-edge technology being used.


A genuinely good brand to trust on, the company is known to foster two brands – Axor and Hansgrohe which are popularly known everywhere.Hansgrohe

Let us get to know it better:

  • High quality finish.
  • Affordable to costly articles of tapware.
  • They have an online spare parts shop for your every Hansgrohe need.
  • They have an array of innovative ideas.


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