Top Tips For Glamorous Girly Bathroom – If it’s a glamorous girly bathroom it has to be colourful, shining, and with lots and lots shades of girliness. Girls sure are glamorous aren’t they?  So as a testimony they put their glamour wherever they go even if it’s a bathroom. Nobody actually like visiting bathrooms if they look crap. One can implement thousands of ideas to make bathrooms super attractive. And what’s better than to use girly themes. So we have brought you the best tips for choosing glamorous girly bathroom.

Top Tips For Glamorous Girly Bathroom

It would be like icing on the cake! They want everything to be perfect. So here are some of the tips to lighten up your bathroom and make it an absolute heaven.

Best Ways to Design Glamorous Girly Bathrooms

Follow the below mentioned ways to design glamorous girl bathrooms.


Girls have numerous options to select from. There are unlimited themes available. Likewise, shabby chic , Parisian chic , gracian to name a few .Theme and colour selection go side by side. They have to complement each other perfectly only then it would sum up to be an amazing visiting place in your house .Girls love colours so if you’re not interested in getting a theme then simply colour up the room. It would do the same thing.


Who wouldn’t like a perfect designed bathroom with a touch of feminism ! Design the room in a way that everybody wants to come again and again just to have a beautiful glance of it. You can design it by putting various bathroom accessories such as a beautiful mirror,luxurious bathing tub ,curtains ,stickers etc. Be as innovative as you can.


Furniture plays a great role in making bathroom attractive.  A good furniture can class up any room. For making a glamorous girly bathroom you can choose different colours which may help you to add a bit of royalty and luxury to the room.


Talk about making first impression at a glance, all you want is an attractive flooring. Tiles,marble, wood  are few of the options you can choose from. Flooring can also be associated with the themes to get a better look.

But be careful with the safety parameters. Choose the one which is easy to walk on to ( should not be slippery ) .


A shiny chandelier, Shimmery lightings, Flower vase and MIRROR is like the highlight of the bathroom. A perfect couples of lightings around the mirror will make the look worth a glance . Also it is perfect for doing makeup. Fluffy mats ( To experience sheer heaven ), Pretty matching  towels to the theme and Shower. These are some of the interesting accessories that can help in makeover of the room.

Girls have a special connection or we can say they are obsessed with the pink colour. So pink accessories will surely add to the beauty of the bathroom.


Appearance matters but storing the stuff in an organised way is also very important. Bathrooms have lots of things and if it’s a girl’s the room surely need to have big accommodations.

I guess one reason would be enough for demanding accommodation and that being beauty products.  COSMETICS is one word that can make any girl happy in fraction of seconds .Accommodating  the makeup products in beautiful chambers will make the look of the bathroom drool worthy.

Likewise we can either keep the cosmetics in the drawer or directly on the space besides basin. Girls cannot live without these things. So storage should be done systematically so that it would be easy for them to use.


Bathrooms do have windows and you obviously don’t want someone to peep inside. So investing in a couple of curtains will save you from unwanted peeping and plus it will help in adding charm to your bathroom. Curtains may be matching with your theme or you can choose any contrasting colour.


Bad fragrance will make your efforts go into vein in couple of seconds. Deodorants or air fresheners are a real necessary in the bathroom. I mean who doesn’t want an aromatic feel? Along with air fresheners we can use nature’s way to remove bad odour by keeping flowers in the bathroom. Roses, orchids or any flower, they will act a deodorant as well a decor medium.


All of these aspects when combined will end up in making a beautiful bathroom or the best room in your house. Perfect lighting, a giant storage space for cosmetics and other stuffs, beautiful decor themed based bathroom. What else a girl can wish for?

So those who were thinking of getting a makeover for their bathrooms hurry up! Make the bathroom best room in your house.

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